Herbalife 24 - Prolong

Herbalife 24 - Prolong
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Herbalife Prolong


Workout is a carbohydrate-protein drink that is great for taking during intense or extensive exercise. This unique drink mix has an osmolality of 270 - 330 mOsmol/kg and contains carbohydrate in addition to whey protein to support the growth and maintenance of lean muscle mass.



• Triathlete completing a combined bike-to-run workout or on race day

• Cyclist on a 4-hour training ride • Swimmer completing a morning workout

• Football player during training or competition

• Working professional with physically-demanding job requirements Key Benefits

• Provides 224 kcal per serving, great for endurance sports

• This unique carbohydrate-protein mix drink has an osmolality of 270 – 330 mOsmol/kg

• 6.8g whey protein to support the growth of lean muscle mass

• Contains carbohydrate in the form of maltodextrin

• Enriched with Vitamin C and B vitamins (including B1, B3, B6, B12 and pantothenic acid), this drink has a light, subtle flavour, which is great to take whilst exercising • No artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners


Add 4 level scoops (60g) to 250ml of water, shake vigorously, then add a further 250ml to make a 500ml serving. Drink one bottle (500ml) per hour during physical activity. This product should be used as part of a balanced and varied diet in line with a healthy lifestyle.


Herbalife understands that athletes must have confidence in what they put in their bodies. In today’s sport environment, there is no room for uncertainty.

Every batch of Herbalife24 products is analyzed for substances that are banned by organizations such as the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA), the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), the National Football League (NFL), and many other professional and amateur sports associations. Herbalife has partnered with the world-renowned Banned Substances Control Group (BSCG, bscg.org), an independent laboratory in Los Angeles, Calif. BSCG utilizes highly specialized instruments, with detection limits among the best in the industry, to test and certify the entire Herbalife24 product line. BSCG is led by anti-doping pioneer Don Catlin, M.D., whose UCLA* Olympic Analytical Laboratory has gained World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) accreditation and became one of the world’s premier testing facilities for performance-enhancing drugs.

Our dedicated global quality control team works to ensure all products meet and exceed the stringent guidelines set forth by the dietary supplement Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs). Herbalife individually assesses all ingredients and suppliers, and visits all the facilities to make sure they satisfy our rigorous performance standards. Herbalife® products are regularly tested and monitored to meet numerous detailed specifications to guarantee product stability and that all ingredients match label claims. Our promise is to assure that athletes, trainers and coaches can trust our supplements and to instill confidence among Herbalife Independent Distributors.

Herbalife24. Confidence in your nutrition.

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