Weight Loss Tips

Herbalife Healthy Breakfast:

1..Herbal Aloe Concentrate – Mango & Original Aloe

-Full of Vital Nutrients – over 75 Nutrients

-Aids Digestive Process

-Improves Nutrient Absorption

2..Herbal Concentrate -Balances the body’s energy levels

-High in Antioxidants

-Increases Energy Naturally

-Improves Digestion

-Burns Fat -Boosts Metabolism to Healthy Level

-Low in Calories

-Great alternative to soda or coffee

3..Delicious Smoothie – Healthy Meal

-Energy from Proteins and not all from Carbohydrates

-20 grams of Digestible Protein

-Healthy Fiber

-Gives your body a perfect balance of

-Vitamins, Minerals and Nutrients.

-Nourish your Body with Cellular Nutrition

(Replace 2 meals with all the above and have one healthy dinner for weight loss)

Results after 3 days:

* 98% result in better sleep patterns

* 60% reduction in belly inflammation and digestive issues

* 98% energy soars and fatigue is gone

* Improved mental health:

* Decrease in depression

* Increased sense of well being


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